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ABT shows new Audi RS5-R 1/50

German tuners ABT Sportline has revealed the new Audi RS5-R 1/50.

The car will only get build for 50 customers, and this green monster is the first in line.

ABT provides a small engine upgrade too, that gives the RS5-R more power. The 2,9-liter V6-biturbo engine has now 530 bhp end 690 Nm to deal with. That’s 80 bhp and 90 Nm more, than the original Audi RS5 Coupé.

If you want to do a 0-60 mph sprint, the new tuning makes the car complete the test in just 3,6 seconds. That is a little bit better than the RS5 Coupé, which does it in 3,9 seconds.

Other changes are a new ABT suspension, that lowers the car a bit. It also now has new 21-inch black rims, new carbonfiber frontsplitter, new aerodynamic carbonfiber wings on the front, new sideskirt and a new diffuser on the back with four exhausts.

The Audi RS5-R has got new 1/50 logos mounted around the body.

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