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BMW breaks crazy drift record

BMW and their driver Johan Schwartz, broke an insane drift record in the new BMW F90 M5.

Driving sideways for 8 hours straight, is that even possible? If your name is Johan Schwartz, the answer is yes. The World Record winning driver, drifted BMW´s latest generation of the M5, for 8 hours straight around a closed skidpan.

The previous record was an 89.55-mile drift. Johan Schwartz managed to beat the record, by drifting the M5 impressive 232.5 miles. Which made him and the M5, GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ holders.

Fighter jet inspiration

BMW knew that beating the record would require a special technic for refuelling. They searched inspiration from fighter jets, which has the ability to refuel while flying. With help from the previous generation of the M5, they developed a system for refuelling the car while driving.

Two records

BMW didn’t just beat the existing record, for driving side ways. The record for “Worlds longest twin vehicle drift” was beaten as well. The twin drift was 49.25 miles and was performed by “Refuel driver” Matt Mullins.

The F90 BMW M5

A 4.4-liter Twin Power Turbo V8 engine powers the 2018 BMW M5 Sedan. The engine puts out 600bhp, and takes the car from 0-60 in just 3,2 seconds. The new M xDrive system makes you able to switch between four-wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Prices starts from 102.000 $.

Watch the crazy record attempt in the video below.

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