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Leaked images showing next Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Chinese website has leaked pictures of the comming Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Next G-Class has been leaked

The next Mercedes-Benz G-Class is about to get unveiled, but as we know it, the official pictures got leaked on a chinese website before the official launch around January the 15th.

The car is one of the very few, that can still look like the very original car. Shapes and design has not changed much, but rumors says the car is completely new.

The pictures are not the most beautifull ones we have seen, but it is clear to see that the boxy design hasn’t change’d much since the car came on the market back in 1979.

Not much information is out yet

We dont know much about the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but the size of the car should’t be that much different from the W463 that came on sale in 1990. But even though, there is more space available inside the cabin, due to another interior setup over the years.

For the infotainment part, we dont know much eighter. But it should be full of new technologies, from the other models in the Mercedes’ lineup.

Under the bonnet we expect to discover a new engine lineup, connected to a brand new nine-speed automatic gearbox, that has torque convertor. Other new things to expect is a 360-degree camera system for easy parking, 18-inch wheels for all tires and terrains and other good stuff.

To be sure about all the new things about this G-Class, we need to wait untill the official launch that takes place at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Untill then, have a look at the leaked images right here:

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