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Low mileage road legal McLaren P1 GTR – listed for sale

This unique low mileage McLaren P1 GTR is listed for sale.

UK Supercar dealer Tom Hartley Junior has listed a unique “Lark Livery” McLaren P1 GTR, with only 852 miles on the clock, for sale. The car is one of only 58 cars ever produced, and is one of few converted for the road, by the experts at Lanzante motorsport.

Picture via. Tom Hartley Junior

The owner

The car currently belongs to Andy Bruce/ Andy74b, who owns a McLaren F1 GTR in a spec similar to the P1. Andy Bruce explained the reason for the sale, in an Instagram comment saying “it’s a shame but Valkyrie here next year so something had to go”. Picture below shows the P1 GTR and the F1 GTR together.

The McLaren P1 GTR

The road legal P1 GTR is powered, by a twin-turbo 3.8 liter V8, spitting out 986bhp and sprints from 0-62 in just 2.4 seconds. That’s 83bhp more and 0,2 seconds faster, than the standard P1.

Picture via: Tom Hardley Junior

The Price

The car is listed with POA (Price On Application). The original price of the car was around two million pounds. The original price leaves an indication that the car for sure is not cheap.

More pictures of the car, in the gallery below: Via Tom Hardley Junior.

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