Team Galag – Snow Tour

The Snow Tour

Snow Tour is a winter road trip with Team Galag and a group of friends, driving through Norway to drift on ice.

Route, list of participants and videos from previous snow tour below.

Picture via. Team Galag

The route

18 January – Oslo / Hotel: The Thief

19 January – Kristiansand / Hotel: Scandic Bystranda Hotel – ETA 5pm

20 January – Stavanger / Hotel: Clarion Energy – ETA 5pm

21 January – Bergen / Hotel: Magic Hotel – ETA 6pm

22 January – Ålesund / Hotel: Scandic Parken – ETA 6pm

23/24 January – Storefjell Resort / Hotel: Storefjell Resort – 6pm

25 January – Oslo / Hotel: The Thief – ETA 6pm

Picture via. Praga


Team Galag: 

Team Overkill: Jon Olsson/Benjamin Ortega:

Seen Through Glass:

Seb Delanney:


The Fast Guy:

Sam Moores:

Oskar Bakke:

Marcus Valeur:

Andreas Arnhoff:


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Pictures below are taken by: Sam Moores, Oskar Bakke and GF Williams.

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