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Tesla owners: Why we won’t buy the Fisker EMotion

We asked our readers, if they could imagine swapping their Tesla Model S for a Fisker EMotion.

The main question from our readers is: “What about the supercharger network??”

The best and most common responds from the Tesla Owners: 

“I would swap my 3 in a heartbeat! Then I’d sell the Fisker and put a down payment on the Tesla Roadster”

What about the superchargers?

“Until a competitor comes up with a supercharger network, there really isn’t a competitor.”

“Without a fast charging network, the range is just the size of the bubble around your home that you can travel comfortably.”

More than a nice car

“Owning a Tesla personally is not just owning a nice car, but the vision and freedom from fossil fuel dependence. I stand behind this vision for better future for the environment”

Will the company survive?

“I worry more about whether or not the company will still be in business a year or two from now and who will service the car if they go bankrupt (again)”

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